The modern competitive and highly variable environment requires the management of human capital, which implies on attraction, development, high participation and preservation of talents.

The management of human capital requires the analysis of vital data in order to make the right decisions. Insource consulting services are directed to processing of the information and data which help our partners to get the best results with the help of high rate employee participation and the continuous development of human capital. 

We work together with management department and share with them the latest practice of human capital management, which helps our partners develop innovative approaches to human capital management. 

We share with our partners the experience that corresponds with company’s culture, specifics and competitive environment.

Due to the fact that the long term success of our partners is important to us, our consulting services does not only consist of sharing the knowledge and experience. We work not as the “consultants”, but as the partner company team, for which the trust and the support from company’s management are important.